The exhibition at the Student Centre will be a depiction of the process of developing and then displaying an exhibition. This entails articulating the entire process of developing an exhibition. Primarily, this will be a representation of how the human mind conceives this process. Concisely, this exhibition process or any other general process of production can be divided into the following stages:

Brainstorming (a state of chaos); settlement (where ideas take shape); practice (where ideas are represented physically) and finally, product (where a coherent final outcome is presented).

This exhibition’s concept will be the ‘trail of the mind’ as it conceives and then produces an idea. This exhibition will be a physical representation of the human mind as it performs the steps outlined above. The exhibition space will be developed and separated accordingly and the visitors will be led through this space by following a particular path or the ‘trail of the mind’. The visitor will feel like walking through the human mind when they traverse through the exhibition space. 

For example, the first space or the initial stage of the pathway will be a chaotic area where the process of brainstorming is hinted at.

The aim of the exhibition is to help the audience be aware of the different notions of conceiving and creating an exhibition whilst also looking at how the human mind undertakes this process. 



(Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Student Exhibition)