Shifting Sands: A journey of Qatar and its People

In the very recent past, Qatar has undergone a significant transformation; through these developments, people have had to adapt to the changing landscape in which they live. Drawing on the eclectic collection of the Sheikh Faisal Museum, this exhibition aims to encourage dialogue between visitors and it seeks to highlight the resilience of Qatar’s inhabitants.

The exhibition aims to create dialogue between different generations and cultures through the objects and the stories that will be showcased. Furthermore, it will help create an understanding of Qatari culture for tourists, expats, and residents and provide a space where questions about cultural practices and history making will be facilitated.

Highlighting change, transformation and adaptability, the concept is divided into four subthemes:

1. Life in the desert

Key Object: Bus

This subtheme features key elements of life in the desert that form the basis for the traditions that characterize people’s relationship with the physical environment in Qatar.

2. Changing Landscape

Key Object: Photography

This subtheme showcases how the social landscape of Qatar has shifted along with changes in the physical landscape, and how this has impacted people’s lives and their customs.

3. Socializing

Key Object: Dallah

Socializing, as a social practice, was essential in the past as a tool for communication and survival; today it reveals a rich tradition of hospitality that connects friends and family, and creates bridges between cultures.

4. Icons

Key Object: Falconry

Representing the culture of Qatar are resolute icons that are associated with its people and have remained steady throughout the country’s physical and cultural transformation.

The Team